Using Kegel Balls After Hysterectomy To Help You Rejuvenate

  Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure where a woman’s uterus is removed. There are different kinds of hysterectomy and this procedure could often leave a woman feeling loose down there. Kegel exercises and using kegel balls can speed up your recovery. Here are more information about hysterectomy and using kegel balls after hysterectomy to help […]

What is The Most Effective Kegel Exercise Equipment?

One of the most frustrating things that a woman could experience is doing kegels for months with no results at all.  So, is there an aid to get your tighter faster? And what is the most effective kegel exercise equipment?

What Do Kegel Balls Target?

You have probably been hearing about kegel balls lately. How they help you tighten up down there and how it’s supposed to be a miracle worker for your sex life. So how do they work and what do kegel balls target?

How Vaginal Weights Helps Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginal weights recently became popular due to online videos and articles. It claims to tighten your vagina in no time. But what really are vaginal weights and can they help you get tighter faster?

Choosing the Best Kegel Exerciser

Kegel exercisers, they’re great for Vaginal tightening.  With the huge variety of kegel exercisers out there, it’s really so hard to choose which one to pick! Here is a simple guide on choosing the best kegel exerciser.

Benefits of Using Kegal Balls

Kegal balls have currently been popular when it comes to tightening your V. They’re small, handy and easy to use. So, what are the other benefits of using kegal balls besides tightening you down there?

What are Vaginal Tightening Balls and How Do They Work?

Vaginal tightening balls – you must have heard about these wonderful balls that tighten you down there from your girlfriends or must have read something about it online. But the real question is, what really are these vaginal tightening balls and how do they work in making you tight down there?

How Vagina Weights Help You Get Tighter

Having a loose V is one of the main concerns of women everywhere, especially for those who have just given birth or is undergoing menopuase. Nothing is the same and sometimes, it just gets frustrating in bed. Vagina weights are one of the things that claim to help you with your V dilemma, but how […]

Are Vagina Balls Effective in Vaginal Tightening?

Vagina balls, the name sounds dirty, but it’s actually very beneficial when it comes to tightening you down there. No, they’re not super weird or kinky sex toys, they’re actually vaginal weights that you have to use while you are doing your kegel exercises to help achieve vaginal tightness.

How Kegel Balls Help With Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is embarrassing, inconvenient and negatively impacts a persons’ self-esteem. Anyone who is suffering from incontinence has little to no control of something that was supposed to be as simple as peeing. Besides the expensive medication and surgery, there’s another thing that could help you with you bladder troubles and it’s the kegel balls. […]

How to Choose the Right Kegel Ball for You

Kegel balls are great when it comes to helping you get tighter, in no time. Most doctors often recommend kegel balls for women who have just given birth and those who have a loose vagina. With the massive selection of kegel balls out there, here’s a simple guide in choosing the right ball for you.

How to Use Kegel Balls to Boost Orgasms

At one point or another, you might wonder, is there a way to boost your ogasms? Well, the good news is yes. Kegel balls help naturally boost orgasm and here’s how.

How to do Kegel Exercises Using Kegel Balls

Kegel exercises: it’s the most recommended exercise by doctors to women who have just given birth or for those who have lost their tightness down there. But how exactly do you do  kegel exercises and can using kegel balls make the speed of the results faster?

How Kegel Balls Help with Urinary Bladder Control

Losing your urinary bladder control is one of the most uncomfortable and frustrating things that a woman could experience. It could also pose some serious health risks to you. The good news is that you can still do something about it: you can use kegel balls for exercise. So how exactly can kegel balls help […]

How Kegel Balls Help in Natural Vaginal Tightening

All women experience vaginal loosening at one point in their life, may it be after giving birth, during menopause or simply out of the blue! It happens to everyone and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. One of the best ways to help in natural vaginal tightening are kegel balls, but what are they and […]

How to Use Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are very helpful to get you tighter, faster, with minimal effort. It’s a safe and effective way to achieve your desired tightness without the painful and expensive surgery. So how exactly do you use kegel balls?

Kegel Exercise Kits, Are They Worth it?

A kegel exercise kit is a kit that contains a couple of weights to help you with your kegel exercise. Is it worth it to get one and can the weights help you get tighter faster?

How a Kegel Exercise Kit Could Help You Get Tighter Faster

Kegels – it seems like no woman is unfamiliar with it. If you know what kegel exercises are, you are also familiar to the frustration of doing one. It seems like you’re clenching your lady bits 24/7, yet things are not getting tighter down there! Good news is that there’s a kit to help you […]