It’s a lock. You’ve found someone special. Now it’s time to make sure the relationship is a success.

Googling “secrets to a successful relationship,” returns over 53 million articles on the topic — and 99.9 percent of those pieces give nebulous advice about communication, commitment and honesty — which is all well and good. After all, communication, commitment and honesty are essential.

But in this post, let’s attack the issue from a different angle. Instead of waxing poetic about vague, big-picture values, let’s look at some actual, practical tactics to keep your relationship in the green.


Five Secrets To A Successful Relationship: Establish Similar Expectations



Mismatched expectations are as useful to a relationship as a flea is to a dog. If he’s thinking of you as the future mother of his children, and you’re just in it for Friday night dinners and adult play time, things will end — and end badly.


So have the talk. It doesn’t have to be severe and foreboding. Be both casual and blunt. Simply ask: “What are you looking to get out of this relationship?” If the answer matches your expectations, fantastic! If it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time to fire up that Tinder or Match account to find someone on the same page.



Respect Boundaries


Couples are different. Some like to spend every nanosecond together, others prefer copious amounts of alone time. Whichever the case, again, make sure that you’re on the same page as your partner. If your honey needs “space,” by all means, give it to them! Don’t jump to conclusions or morph into the green-eyed monster. It’s a terrible look. Stay cool and remember that everybody needs time to fill their tanks, and if said time doesn’t always involve you, that’s fine!



Acknowledge Your Faults

Here’s a hard-knock fact: We all have faults — real, ugly, unpleasant faults. And no, being a “perfectionist” or “workaholic” doesn’t cut it. Heck, these days, those qualities qualify as “backdoor brags.” No, we’re talking about the genuinely problematic parts of your personality. If you can’t think of any, find a brutally honest family member and give them permission to read you to your face.




People who can identify and acknowledge their worst faults have more compassion and tolerance for other folks’ foibles, quirks and problematic personality traits. If there’s one thing a long-lasting relationship requires, it’s acceptance of, and patience with, your partners’ sub-par parts. And remember, it’s not a one-way street. You deserve the same patience and tolerance in return.




You don’t want to hear it! Unfortunately, it’s true: exercise helps! Yes, even when it comes to relationship success. You’ve likely heard it thousands of times: Exercise aids in the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, your body’s natural “feel good drugs.”


Mood and stress levels have a direct impact on all relationships — from professional to personal. And when you feel better, you communicate better, which results in more stable and fulfilling interactions.



Take Care Of Your Sexual Health


Exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream. So does sex. The more sex you have, the better you’ll feel. Moreover, sex is a great way to burn calories! In fact, you could argue it’s the best exercise in the world.


And here’s another blunt truth: Good looks may get you in the door, but good sex will keep you bonded. So the question becomes: How does one become good at sex? Well, if sex is exercise — a sport, if you will — then think of yourself as a sex athlete.


How do athletes train? They maintain ideal diets and build their muscles. A sex athlete does that by taking phytoestrogen to rejuvenate the sexual system. You can get some high quality phytoestrogen from

Doing Kegels and using Kegel weights that you can get from to strengthen the pelvic muscles also helps. So get on it!


And those, ladies, are five practical tactics to maintain a successful relationship.


Good luck and happy mating!

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