Giving birth is a workout on its own, but then comes the aftermath. As a mom busy with feedings and changing diapers, you may be anxious about how you’re going to fit in some precious exercise time. With creativity, patience and a bit of willpower, you can sneak in workouts and even bring your baby along for the ride.


One of the most effective and worthwhile modes of exercise is also the simplest. Walking is great because it’s a low impact activity that is easy on the joints and muscles for new moms. It can be done literally anywhere and you don’t need anything but a pair of good sneakers and a stroller to make it a fun bonding experience for you and your baby.


Strap your baby into her stroller and enjoy the crisp air of your neighborhood or park. You can also choose to walk indoors at a mall or other venue. Your baby will enjoy the scenery or perhaps just a good nap while you reap the benefits of a mellow cardiovascular workout.





To heighten the intensity, consider the benefits of jogging. You can buy special strollers that are made especially for running. They are more sturdy with larger wheels and a three-wheel structure that makes for easier control and a smooth ride for your baby. Jogging can help you burn calories while improving your overall fitness and heart health.


Getting out for a run is also a great way to clear your mind and help you unhinge from daily stress. If you are new to running, try a program that utilizes interval training to build up your endurance. A good option is a weekly routine that begins with short jogging intervals followed by periods of walking. Such a program can help you lose the baby weight while allowing your muscles time to ease into higher intensity cardio.





If you want to workout and have fun, nothing quite beats the allure of dancing. Babies often enjoy music as much as adults, so dancing while your little one is in the room should be no problem. If you have a holder that you can strap onto your chest, you can gently dance with your baby, though you’ll probably want to do the more rigorous moves solo. You can also give your arms a good workout by holding your baby while dancing.




Video Games

When most people think of playing video games, their mind will envision a sedentary activity. However, in our modern era of technology, games have transformed and evolved into tools that can improve physical fitness. There are a variety of dance games on the market that can get you up and moving to music. There are also games that feature a variety of workout routines that target different muscle groups and fitness goals.


Some games require a controller that tracks your movements while others simply use a camera that connects to a gaming console. Virtual reality is also on the cusp of becoming a more mainstream option, and fitness is sure to become a selling point. The beauty of games is that you can play right next to your baby while he plays or sleeps.




Strength Training

While cardio exercise plays an important role in weight loss, you don’t want to overlook a good strength training routine using simple body weight exercises. Building up your muscle will allow you to burn more calories and lose weight quicker. It will also give your body a better shape and improve your endurance, which all new mothers need.


Squats are a great exercise that target the quadriceps and butt. Since you need to keep your stomach tight, it’s also great for your abdomen. You can fit in squats when your baby is napping, as well as other moves like crunches, lunges and push ups. As long as you are consistent, you’ll notice results develop over time. Remember to use good form when doing an exercise, and use modified versions when necessary to prevent injuries and strains.




Dont forget about your sexual health!

While being fit and back in shape is great for your health, don’t ignore your sexual health as well!

It can’t be denied that your vagina is not the same right after giving birth. This can cause a low self-esteem and can even cause your sexual confidence to go down the drain. The good thing is, there are still some things that you can do about it.

You can still do kegels and take phytoestrogen in order to bring back your tightness down there and bring back the romance in your life.

Kegel exercises will help strengthen your pelvic walls. The stronger the pelvic walls are, the tighter you are down there. It will also help bring back the elasticity and increase the sensation during intercourse.

For faster results, you can use kegel weights which you can get from V-Kegel ( It acts as dumbbells for your Vaginal to help you get stronger faster.

Taking phytoestrogen can also help you heal and recover faster. Phytoestrogen replenishes the estrogen in your body to help your sex organs recover right after giving birth. You can get high quality phytoestrogen from!

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