Intimacy is a key element in any sexual relationship. Women who focus their energy on making adjustments to improve sexually will find that they feel more irresistible. Women with vaginal loosening from childbirth or aging can be just as irresistible as any other woman. With the right exercise, some new mothers even claim that their sex lives got better after childbirth. Sex is also said to get better with age, but not without practice and the right supplements.

Learning to be irresistible takes time. These five secrets to become simply irresistible in bed should help you get there quicker.



 Take care of your body



The most irresistible people put effort into looking their best. Doing what needs to be done is never easy, but taking care of the body and mind are necessary, so they do things until they become natural. The woman’s body is constantly changing, so you should accept this and enjoy the body you have.


If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll easily uncover the little changes you can make to feel the way you want to feel in your body. Healthier people are more lively in the bedroom, so women who embrace an exercise routine and smart snacking habits are sure to reap the physical and sexual benefits.


Women who need to take it slow (e.g. recovering mothers, aging women) should start by taking regular walks. Walking will wake up the body and re-introduce it to regular exercise. Sex is exercise that requires a lot of energy, and scheduled exercise prepares the body for this.


Finding the time to exercise isn’t always easy, and neither is finding the time to rest. Challenging the body will prepare you for the bedroom, and so will exhausting the body, just not in the way you want. You need to take a nap sometimes, especially if you’re a new mother. Women who need help exercising or getting rest shouldn’t be afraid to ask; we all need help sometimes.




Look the part


One of the first steps in playing the role is looking the part. If you want to feel sexy, you should wear things that make you look and feel attractive. Women who show integrity are more irresistible. Showing what you want through what you wear will make you more appealing while potentially saving you words while conveying your message.


You should remember the secret of enjoying your body regardless of its fluctuations. If you’re feeling down about your body or want to give your partner a sexy surprise, you should invest in some underwear.


Dressing up in a supportive bra and fitting underwear is sure to make you feel more attractive in the bedroom (and, likely, all day long). Sexy lingerie can be pricey, sometimes pricier than fitting clothes, but they are worth the payout. By dressing the part, you’re sure to grab your partner’s attention in the bedroom.




Balance going out and staying in


Women who want to feel irresistible should understand the importance of balance. Establishing balance by laying the foundations for a home is particularly important for new mothers who spend their days snuggling the baby. However, every woman should establish some balance and treat their bodies and their lives with some respect.


Irresistible people respect everyone, and respect begins internally. Women who respect themselves understand that they must take care of their bodies and their minds. Staying inside all week isn’t good for anyone. Staying out every night isn’t good for anyone either. When you find a happy medium, you should stay in those waters.


When you make the time to maintain intimacy, you will find more success in your intimate relationships. You should schedule date nights when you’re not preoccupied with anything else (even if that something else is your new little one). When you give your undivided attention to your partner and show them that they matter, you will instantly become more irresistible. Sometimes this means staying in and having some relaxing time, but this is necessary since intimacy relies on your ability to maintain the connection you had in the beginning.




Attend to your sexual health

Women who exercise know their bodily health is important, but women who are good in the bedroom understand the importance of monitoring their sexual health. Women with weak pelvic floors may not get the reaction they want from their partners, but a little exercise with some kegel weights could help that situation. Women can make themselves tighter by doing some pelvic floor exercises. You can get a high quality kegel weight set from (


Abdominal and pelvic strength helps with performance in the bedroom and decreasing pain felt during intercourse. Women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor should invest the time in exercising these muscles. You may also want to invest in phytoestrogen if you find your estrogen levels are low. Women find their estrogen depleted after childbirth, and older women hit similar problems around menopause. Taking phytoestrogen especially if it’s high quality like Vagifirm ( is an effective way of restoring estrogen in your body.





Sexual partners must work together for both to find pleasure, and to “be good” takes time and practice. Irresistible people have a way about them: they are authentic, and their love of life shines through in their smile. Women who can apply these secrets to the bedroom are sure to keep their partner on his heels for your next sexual adventure.


What do you do be more irresistible in bed? Which of these secrets will you apply to your sex life?

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