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Using Kegel Balls After Hysterectomy To Help You Rejuvenate

  Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure where a woman’s uterus is removed. There are different kinds of hysterectomy and this procedure could often leave a woman feeling loose down there. Kegel exercises and using kegel balls can speed up your recovery. Here are more information about hysterectomy and using kegel balls after hysterectomy to help […]

How Vagina Weights Help You Get Tighter

Having a loose V is one of the main concerns of women everywhere, especially for those who have just given birth or is undergoing menopuase. Nothing is the same and sometimes, it just gets frustrating in bed. Vagina weights are one of the things that claim to help you with your V dilemma, but how […]

How Kegel Balls Help With Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is embarrassing, inconvenient and negatively impacts a persons’ self-esteem. Anyone who is suffering from incontinence has little to no control of something that was supposed to be as simple as peeing. Besides the expensive medication and surgery, there’s another thing that could help you with you bladder troubles and it’s the kegel balls. […]