How a Kegel Exercise Kit Could Help You Get Tighter Faster

Kegels – it seems like no woman is unfamiliar with it. If you know what kegel exercises are, you are also familiar to the frustration of doing one. It seems like you’re clenching your lady bits 24/7, yet things are not getting tighter down there! Good news is that there’s a kit to help you get tighter faster and it’s a kegel exercise kit.


What is a Kegel Exercise Kit?

A kegel exercise kit is a set of vaginal weights with different sizes and that you can use depending on your level of expertise when it comes to your exercise. Vaginal weights are beads that you insert directly into your vagina and try to keep it in.
Think of it as dumbbells for your vajay-jay. The more you work out your muscles down there, the tighter your V will get!
Kegel weights are good aids when it comes to making your vaginal workouts more efficient in making you tight down there.
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How do kegel weights work?

First let’s take a look at how kegel exercises alone work. They are exercises that target your pelvic muscles to make them strong. Those are the muscles that controls and everything down there. They keep the pee and poop in, make your vagina tighter and help your “grip during sex”. The stronger your pelvic muscles are, the tighter your get down there.
During kegels, you have to contract the right muscles to make sure that the exercises work and do not go to waste. Now the problem with this one is that sometimes, you might not be contracting the right muscles or you might be doing it wrong. That’s where kegel weights come in to the rescue.
Kegel weights are small balls that are inserted directly into your vagina. Now before you shove those weights in, make sure that they are very clean, hypoallergenic and made in the US to make sure that they are safe to take. They are very helpful in doing your exercises correctly and with less effort and concentration but will still give your faster results.
Once inside, the kegel weights will bounce around, making your pelvic muscles involuntary contact and work out on their own.
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How to use a Kegel Exercise Kit

If you are new to the kegel weights game, you should really start with the smallest and lightest one in the kegel exercise kit that you have. In choosing which one to use, find one that has a string at the end for an easier application and removal of the kegel weight.
First thing to do is find a comfortable place where you can insert the kegel weight in peace. Apply some water based lubricant to your weight and then insert it to your vagina while you are lying down or standing.
Try to hold the kegel weight in place by contracting your vaginal muscles. These are the same muscles that you use when you try to stop mid pee. When you think that your vagina weights are safely in and in place, you can go about in your day. Your movements will cause the balls to move inside you and your muscles to contract, giving them a great workout of a stronger and tighter V.
Perform these exercises three times a day and try holding the weights in place longer each time. You can also move on to the heavier ones, once you think you are ready.
Just make sure that you kegel weights or vaginal weights are thoroughly cleaned before and after using them.

Phytoestrogen for Added Help

Sure, kegel weights are a great way to speed up your way for a tighter vajay-jay, but then, without estrogen, all those time spent exercising might just all go to waste. Estrogen is the one that repairs and maintains the health of our sexual organs, especially the vagina.
As a woman grows older or after she gives birth, the body will also lessen its estrogen production. Without estrogen in the body, there will be vaginal loosening, vaginal dryness and a decrease in libido.
Phytoestrogen, is here to help you with your estrogen problem. Phytoestrogen are the safe estrogen that are made by plants. It helps heal a woman’s sexual organs, which means that it aids in tightening the vagina and maintains its tightness and tone. You can get some high quality Kacip Fatimah with phytoestrogen here:


A Kegel Exercise Kit is a great way to monitor your progress and set your goals when it comes to your kegel exercise game. The vaginal weight or kegel weights that it contains will also help you correctly and effectively do your kegels  for a faster vaginal tightening journey. Just don’t forget to take some phytoestrogen to make your results stick!