Kegel Exercise Kits, Are They Worth it?

A kegel exercise kit is a kit that contains a couple of weights to help you with your kegel exercise. Is it worth it to get one and can the weights help you get tighter faster?

At one point or another, you might have heard about kegel exercises. Those are exercises that help you get tighter down there and make your pelvic muscles stronger. A kegel exercise kit is a kit that contains a couple of vaginal weights that acts as dumbells for your vagina.


Vaginal weights are extremely helpful in speeding up the strengthening of your pelvic muscles. Those are the muscles that are in charge of everything down there. Pelvic muscles are located between your urinary meatus and anus, which also means that they help you keep your pee and poop in and help with your vaginal tightness.
When your pelvic muscles are loose, you might also experience leaking, vaginal loosening and lose control of your bowel, all of which are as horrible as they seem.
pelvic-muscles (1)
Just like any weakness of the muscle, the best way to reverse the weakening of your pelvic muscles is by exercising. You can do kegel exercises to tighten things down there, but it could take months to achieve just a little change. This is where vaginal weights come in, they act as dumbells for your vagina to speed up your results.

How do the Vaginal Weights work?

Vaginal weights are usually small silicone balls that are inserted into the vagina where you will try to hold it in as long as you can. When doing the kegels alone, without the weights, you might have a hard time identifying the right muscles to use. Vaginal weights help you identify the right muscles to contract. Your pelvic muscles will also do some extra effort keeping them in place and not letting them slide out. Once the weights are in and as you move around, they will bounce inside your vaginal walls making your pelvic muscles involuntary contract and work-out on their own.


They are usually recommended by  doctors to women who have trouble keeping pee in as well as women who need a little help making things tighter down there. You can get a high quality one from

Can it help reverse vaginal loosening?

The short answer: yes, it will help reverse vaginal loosening. The main reason why you might be feeling a little bit loose or not as tight as you are down there is that your pelvic muscles might be getting weaker due to age, giving birth or other factors. Doing exercises that specifically target your pelvic muscles and using vaginal weights will help you restore your tightness and tone, which means that it will reverse the vaginal loosening that you are experiencing.

What else can help with Vaginal loosening?

One of the reasons why you are experiencing vaginal loosening and why your pelvic muscles are weak may be due to the lack of estrogen in your body. Estrogen is the one that acts as a the “maintenance department” of your sexual organs. It keeps your sexual organs such as your breasts and vagina healthy and in top condition.
As women grow old, or after giving birth, the body will also reduce it’s production of estrogen. The amount won’t be enough for your body to repair the damage in your sexual organs and maintain your sexual health. Without estrogen in the body, there will be vaginal loosening, absence of sex drive, vaginal dryness, pain during sex, sagging of the breast and other menopausal like symptoms.
What can you do to replenish the much needed estrogen in the body? You can take herbs that are rich in high quality phytoestrogen such as Kacip Fatimah, which you can get from


Phytoestrogen are the estrogen that is found in plants. They will help replenish estrogen that your body badly needs. It restores the health of your sexual organs, which means that it tightens your vagina, firms up the breasts and restores lubrication and libido.


So are kegel exercise kits worth it? If you have trouble restoring your tightness and tone down there, then yes, kegel exercise kits are worth every penny. Just make sure to buy kits that contain vaginal weights made from high quality medical grade silicon and wash them thoroughly before and after using.