How to Use Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are very helpful to get you tighter, faster, with minimal effort. It’s a safe and effective way to achieve your desired tightness without the painful and expensive surgery. So how exactly do you use kegel balls?

What are kegel balls?

Kegel Balls are vaginal weights that are inserted into the vagina to help it get tighter, faster. Think of it as dumbells for your vagina, the more you use it and the more you work-out your vaginal muscles, the tighter and stronger they get.
They often come in different shapes, sizes, material and weights, but serve the same purpose: to strengthen you down there, the best material to use would be those made of medical grade silicon with strings at the end. That would make the kegel balls easy to use and easy to maintain, you can get one here:

How do kegel balls work?

Your pelvic muscles, are the muscles that are in charge of everything down there. It helps controls your bladder, bowel movement and helps with vaginal tightness. Once you give birth or you enter menopause, your pelvic muscles also weaken. Just like any muscles in your body, the best solution for weakening would be exercise.
Most doctors recommend kegel exercises and using vaginal weights or kegel balls to strengthen your pelvic muscles. During kegel exercises, you have to contract your pelvic muscles and squeeze them to strengthen your muscles. The problem with doing kegels alone without any aids is that you might not be squeezing the correct muscles and all your work might be all in vain.
Kegel balls, once inserted in your vagina will trigger your muscles down there to work out effortlessly without you trying to squeeze them. Using kegel balls consistently will help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and vaginal muscles. Helping you get tighter and have more control of your bladder and bowel. It will also help you prevent vaginal atrophy and vaginal prolapse.

 How to use the kegel balls?

Before using the kegel balls, make sure to thoroughly wash them with mild soap and rinse with water.  After cleaning the kegel balls, empty your bladder to avoid any discomfort during your work-out.
Apply some water-based lubricant to them to help them glide in easier and then insert the kegel balls into your vagina, the same way you insert tapons. Just remember to insert one ball at a time. If it’s a little bit hard for you to insert them, you can lie down on your back and lift one leg before inserting the balls.
Once the kegel balls are in, try to hold them in by first squeezing your leg muscle and them your pelvic muscles. You might notice a feeling of fullness and something pushing down your vagina right after insertion, but just like tampons, you will eventually get used to it.
Hold the balls in for at least 15 minutes. After which, take them out and if you wish to continue your exercise, you can apply more lubricant to it and re-insert them to continue your work-out.
Make sure to wash your kegel balls thoroughly with soap and water before and after using them to avoid any infections.


Doing kegel exercises is hard, luckily, you can use kegel balls to get you tighter, faster in an effortless way! You can also take herbal supplements with Kacip Fatimah to make sure that the results really stick! You can get one here: