How Kegel Balls Help with Urinary Bladder Control

Losing your urinary bladder control is one of the most uncomfortable and frustrating things that a woman could experience. It could also pose some serious health risks to you. The good news is that you can still do something about it: you can use kegel balls for exercise. So how exactly can kegel balls help you have better urinary bladder control and treat urinary incontinence?

What is urinary incontinence?

Perhaps the most commonly used definition of urinary incontinence is “the involuntary loss of urine.” Urinary incontinence happens when a person loses urinary bladder control which often results to leaking. This usually happens during coughing, laughing, running or even just out of the blue, you’re leaking. Loss of urinary bladder control could also come with feelings of strong sudden need to urinate.
This can become really stressful for a woman and could hinder basic daily activities and diminish her self-confidence.

What causes you to lose urinary bladder control?

Urinary incontinence or loss of urinary bladder control happens your pelvic muscles get weak or when the nerve surrounding your bladder gets damaged. These pelvic muscles are the muscles that support everything down there, from your bladder control to your bowel control.


Production of pee starts in the kidney as the body filters out the toxic and waste from the blood. The formed pee then travels from the kidneys to the ureter and then stored to the urinary bladder. At the end of the bladder is the urethra, which is the tube where urine passes to leave the body. The urethra serves as the gate or dam of the bladder to keep in your pee. When the bladder gets almost full, the nerves signal the brain to give you the feeling that you need to pee.
urinary system
During urination, the walls of the urinary bladder contract to force out the pee inside. The sphincter of the urethra will also relax to allow it to open and let the urine out. Urinary incontinence usually happens when your bladder involuntary contracts even if it is not time to pee yet and the muscles surrounding your urethra are not strong enough to hold the urethra closed. This causes leaking.
Weakening of the pelvic muscle happen usually as a woman grows older, after undergoing pregnancy, childbirth, surgery in the pelvic or bladder area and menopause.

What can you do to strengthen your pelvic muscles?

Like any muscle weakening, the best way to strengthen your pelvic muscles is exercise. The best exercise that you can do would be kegel exercises. These simple exercises could help any woman at any age strengthen the pelvic muscles regardless of the cause of the urinary incontinence. The stronger the muscles are, the better it will support your bladder to allow you to have better control.
Doctors often recommend using vaginal weights such as the kegel balls to help you heal faster. Kegel balls are small vaginal weights that are inserted into the vaginal canal, they act as dumbbells for your vagina.

How to use Kegel Balls?

In choosing which kegel balls or vaginal weights to use, choose the one made from high quality silicone and have a string at the end to make the insertion and removal easier, you can get one from

  1. Always wash the kegel balls thoroughly with mild soap and water before and after using them.
  2. Choose the smallest and lightest one first if you are doing this for the first time, and just build your way up.
  3. Apply some water based lubricant to your kegel balls.
  4. Lie on your back and lift one leg, relax your muscles and then insert the kegel balls just like inserting a tampon. You can also do this sitting down or standing but lying on your back will make the insertion easier.
  5. After the kegel balls are in, you can stand up.
  6. Squeeze pelvic floor muscles and try to hold the weight in for at least 5 minutes. If you feel comfortable standing, you can try upping your game and try squatting. If the balls fall out, simple wash them, apply some lube and reinsert.
  7. You can slowly increase your time holding the kegel balls until you can hold it in for 15 minutes, twice a day.
  8. Once you are comfortable in holding the kegel balls in for 15 minutes, you can move on to a heavier weight.
  9. Wash your kegel balls before storing them.


Phytoestrogen to help you get stronger

Phytoestrogen or the estrogen from plants act as supplements to help you heal faster, and help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You can get phytoestrogen from high quality Kacip Fatimah which you can purchase from
Not only will phytoestrogen help you heal and strengthen your muscles, it will also help make the results stick so that all those hours you spent exercising won’t go to waste.


Urinary incontinence or loss of urinary bladder control could hinder your everyday life, it could also cause your self-esteem to go down. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating! Good thing that you can still do some kegel exercise, use kegel weights and take Kacip Fatimah to regain the control in your life!