How to Choose the Right Kegel Ball for You

Kegel balls are great when it comes to helping you get tighter, in no time. Most doctors often recommend kegel balls for women who have just given birth and those who have a loose vagina. With the massive selection of kegel balls out there, here’s a simple guide in choosing the right ball for you.

What are kegel ball?

Kegel balls are small vaginal weights that are inserted directly into the vagina to help it get tighter. It acts as a dumbbell for your vaginal canal for an effortless work-out.

Choosing the right size

They come in different sizes, depending on which one you need. If you are new to using kegel balls,it is important to feel comfortable in using them when standing up for a kegel exercise.
For the size, here is a simple guide for the size:

  1. Tampon size – could be small, medium or large
  2. Small tampons slip out of position –medium or large size
  3. Could fit 2 fingers snugly side by side – small or medium internal size
  4. Could fit more than 2 fingers – medium to large internal size
  5. Undergone pregnancy and Caesarean section – Small or medium internal size
  6. Undergone Vaginal delivery – medium to large internal size

For women with small internal size you can use kegel balls which are 29 mm in diameter
For women with medium to large, you can use kegel balls which are 35-25 mm in diameter

Choosing the right weight

If it’s your first time using kegel weights, it is important to choose the weight that best suits you.
The single kegel balls are designed to be used by first time users and by people who have a weak pelvic muscle. 38 gram single bead weights are ideal. The single bead ones have the lightest weight, suited for women with small internal size and ideal for beginners.
The double kegel balls weigh 60 grams are suited for women who have medium to large internal size. It’s also good for women who are seeking to progress kegels and who wants to up their kegel game.
You should buy a kit that contains atleast the single bead and double bead so that you can choose which one is right for you and will save you the hassle of buying a new one if you need another size.

Other qualities to look for

In choosing the best kegel kit to use, you should look for the following to ensure your safety:

  1. Made from high quality medical grade silicon. This will ensure that they will not quickly erode.
  2. Latex, phthalates and BPA free.
  3. Smooth and easy to clean.
  4. Has a tail for easier removal.
  5. Made from FDA approved facilities
  6. Have a warranty to ensure the quality if your kegel kit.

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