How Vagina Weights Help You Get Tighter

Having a loose V is one of the main concerns of women everywhere, especially for those who have just given birth or is undergoing menopuase. Nothing is the same and sometimes, it just gets frustrating in bed.
Vagina weights are one of the things that claim to help you with your V dilemma, but how exactly can they help you get tighter?

What are vagina weights

vaginal weights
As the name suggests, vagina weights are weights that act as dumbbells as you insert them in your vagina. They came in different size, shapes and even materials but their goal is the same, to get you tighter down there.

How do they work

Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that supports everything down there. It extends from your pelvic bone to your sacrum. It affects the tightness of your vagina. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles are, the tighter your vagina gets.
Strong pelvic floor  muscles also mean stronger and more frequent orgasms. It’s because they’re the ones that contracts during orgasms, so you will feel more pleasure during intercourse the more stronger your pelvic muscles get.
Just like any other muscles in the body, the only way to get them stronger is by exercising. You can do this by doing the kegel exercise where you contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles repeatedly. But the problem with kegel is that you can never be sure if you are doing them right and if you are, the results are super slow.
This is where vagina weights come in. You have to keep in mind that any exercise is more efficient if you add weight to the equation. Vagina weights act as resistance down there to make your pelvic muscles work hard to keep them in.
You have to insert them the way you insert your tampons, and once they are in, you can go about in your day. The movements that they produce while you’re moving will trigger your muscles to contract.  This contraction will also serve as an effortless work-out for your pelvic floor muscles. The more  you exercise using the weights, the tighter you get down there.

Benefits of using vagina weights

Using the weights regularly and consistently will help you increase the muscle strength of your pelvic muscles, so not only will it help you have a tighten your v, it will also help:

  • Reverse urinary incontinence
  • Stop the progression of uterine and vaginal prolapse
  • Increase the sensation during intercourse
  • Help you achieve more frequent and stronger orgasms


Where to buy them

In choosing where to buy your vaginal weights and which ones to buy, you have to keep in mind the following:
They have to be made in the USA. products made in the US follow a strict set of good manufacturing practice standards that are set by the FDA so you can be sure that it’s safe to use and are made in a safe and sanitary way.
Made from medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic and free from phthalates, latex & BPAs. Choosing weights that fit  this category will help you avoid any allergic reaction and embarrassing trips to the emergency room.
You can get a safe and easy to use vagina weights from to help you achieve your desired results in a speedy and effortless way.


Vagina weights are great in helping you get tighter down there in no time. Just be a little patient and do your exercise daily to achieve the tightness that you want!