What are Vaginal Tightening Balls and How Do They Work?

Vaginal tightening balls – you must have heard about these wonderful balls that tighten you down there from your girlfriends or must have read something about it online. But the real question is, what really are these vaginal tightening balls and how do they work in making you tight down there?

What are vaginal tightening balls?

Vaginal tightening balls are vaginal weights that you insert into your vagina to help you get tight in no time. The often come in various shapes, weights and sizes and even come in different names: kegel balls, ben wa balls, vaginal weights and kegel exercisers.
They may all look the different and are called differently but they all have one goal: they help your vagina get tight.

How do vaginal tightening balls work?

Vaginal tightening balls act as dumbbells for you vagina to help your pelvic floor muscles get stronger. Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that supports your pelvic organs such as your vagina, uterus, bowel and bladder and it keeps them all in place, like a hammock.


As long as your pelvic floor muscles are healthy and strong, it helps you control your bowel, bladder and even help tighten your vagina. Overtime, after undergoing pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, the pelvic floor muscles also get weak.  When this happens, there will be vaginal loosening, urinary and fecal incontinence and even pelvic organ prolapse.
So what can you do to make sure that your pelvic muscles are healthy and strong?
Well, just like any muscle in the body, the best way to avoid weakening is by exercise.  You can do this by doing kegel exercises, but this might take forever before you can see the results. This is where vaginal tightening balls come in.
They act as weights or dumbbells for your vagina to make sure that you are doing your kegel exercises correctly and effectively. By inserting them in and going about your daily activities, the balls will stimulate your vaginal muscles, making them  contract. These contractions serve as work-outs for your V to get it tight. Your pelvic floor muscles will also work by trying to keep them in. The stronger your pelvic muscles and vaginal muscles are, the tighter your vagina gets.

How to use the vaginal tightening balls?

In using the vaginal tightening balls,all you have to do is to first make sure that they are clean by cleaning them with soap and water.
Next, find a place where you can do your kegel in peace. Lie on your back, prop one leg up, apply some water-based lubricant to your vaginal tightening balls and insert them in the same way you insert your tampons.
After the balls are securely in place, slowly stand up and go about your day. Make sure to check them every 10 minutes if they need more lubricant. You can also do some squats if you feel comfortable enough with the vaginal tightening balls inside you.
Once you are done with your daily kegel work out using the vaginal tightening balls, you can remove them and wash them thoroughly before storing.
It’s as simple as that! Just make sure to do your work-outs daily to achieve your results faster.

Where to buy vaginal tightening balls

You can get a set of high quality vaginal tightening balls that are hypoallergenic and made in the USA from  Vkegel.com. It’s safe to use so your mind can be at ease while using them.


Vaginal tightening balls act as weights for your vagina to help you get tighter in no time. But keep in mind that using them once will not magically make you tight, you have to use them consistently and regularly to achieve the tightness that you want!